Transportation & Logistics

Dependable Point A to Z Delivery
  • Upon acceptance of the quote, dispatch at our Customer Experience Call Center (CECC) schedules the load and assigns a preferred carrier to the route.
  • Domestic loads are tracked real time using GPS and customers are given access to the online tracking portal.
  • Your product is covered under our standard insurance, and we offer additional all risk cargo insurance for additional coverage or high value loads.
  • Price Optimization: We utilize our software to maximize savings while using our top-rated network of carriers.
Facilities Maintenance
Facilities Maintenance
  • Covered Flatbed: To account for weather
  • Dry Van: Protection from environmental conditions
  • Expedited shipping: rapid options using reliable means
  • Heavy-wide load: Large equipment and machinery
  • Straight Sprinters: Vans and shorter trucks for smaller loads
  • Scalable solutions: Less than truck load (LTL) to full truck (FTL)
  • Temperature-controlled: Refrigerated or heated