GRTMS Core Values


Listening carefully and responding appropriately as challenges arise

Open and transparent communication is the cornerstone of GRTMS’ management approach. We will serve as the single point of contact to manage all project information to ensure specificity in resource planning. GRTMS and its partners will maintain open and regular communication lines with you during the performance of contracts. We understand the need for Program Management Reviews (PMRs), metrics reporting and related communication requirements. Managing operations for your company requires expertise and experience from proven relationships. GRTMS has effectively worked with a diverse workforce.

Adhering to a right first time mindset to prevent human and system errors

GRTMS has deployed and installed thousands of components. These deployments were accomplished under the “Right First Time” guidelines. We have established collaborative relationships with the OEMs. GRTMS’ team has been performing on some contracts for 10+ years. Our track record and knowledge of internal processes and systems has resulted in cost effective and streamlined operations. We will provide a repository for consolidated performance data on a proven and familiar interface. Our commitment will ensure a positive customer experience.

Being honest, transparent and accountable for our actions

GRTMS understands how to support and maintain facilities and equipment. Our knowledge of the maintenance process will optimize response time and achieve operational availability. The criticality of operating a 24x7x365 model enables service calls to be managed in real-time from ticket dispatch to ticket closure. We will safeguard the integrity of proprietary data. Our team will leverage established relationships to ensure SLAs are achieved. GRTMS’ PMO utilizes best practices and has trained its staff on PMI’s program management practices. We will serve as the Program Management Office (PMO) that oversees the required preventive and corrective maintenance, dispatch operations, metrics monitoring and reporting and key stakeholder relationships.
Safety is a top priority for all projects we engage in. GRTMS adheres to all federal and state regulations regarding safety and to this end has a remarkable safety record with all regulatory authorities. Teaming for high performance while promoting safe work environments is our ultimate goal. This is accomplished through comprehensive training programs which commence during new hire orientation and continue throughout the employment cycle.

Protecting the data, information and knowledge assets of every customer we serve

We understand the importance of safety for every customer we serve. GRTMS and our partners are fully committed to properly maintaining the TSE to ensure it is safe for the TSA personnel to operate. We provide a safe place for our employees and partners including information security, cybersecurity, and personal protective equipment.